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Alabama Laser Hair Removal

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Laser Hair Removal

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Birmingham, Alabama Laser Hair Removal at Greystone Laser Spa

Laser Hair Removal is a minimally-invasive cosmetic procedure chosen by hundreds of thousands of men and women each year to safely remove unwanted hair from different parts of the body. The presence of excess hair can be an inherited trait or can be caused by hormones, medications or other medical reasons. Temporary hair removal methods such as shaving, waxing, hair removal creams and plucking can be time-consuming and painful, while laser hair removal offers long-lasting results with as few as five to seven treatments.

During Laser Hair Removal, the laser beam passes through the skin and generates heat which damages the hair follicles and inhibits their ability to produce hair. Laser hair removal can be used to successfully remove excess hair from almost any part of the body or face, including the legs, bikini line, chin, upper lip, armpits, ears, back, chest, arms, fingers and toes.

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Laser Hair Removal Procedure

The area of the face or body where Laser Hair Removal will be performed should be shaved a day or two in advance and allowed to grow to a stubble. On the day of treatment, your skin should be clean and free of any make-up.

The Laser Hair Removal procedure uses cryogen as a cooling mist to reduce discomfort. Goggles are used to protect your eyes from accidental exposure to the laser beam. The laser is then used to damage hair follicles and inhibit hair growth by emitting short, concentrated pulses of light that generate heat in the hair follicles and vaporize the hair above the skin.

Laser Hair Removal can take from a few minutes to 2 hours, depending on the area of the body and the size of the area to be treated. Long-term hair growth reduction may require five to seven treatments spaced a month to 6 weeks apart. Repeat treatments are necessary because Laser Hair Removal is only effective on hairs that are in the growing phase. Hairs that are in the resting or transitional phases of the hair growth cycle will later enter the growing phase and can be effectively treated. Following the initial regimen, periodic maintenance treatments, offered at a discount, may be necessary for best results.

Best Candidates

The best candidates for Laser Hair Removal are in good health and want to enhance their appearance by removing unwanted hair from virtually any part of the face or body.

Generally, the best candidates for Laser Hair Removal:

Patients should avoid sun exposure and tanning for a month or more before treatment to keep the skin as light as possible and provide better contrast between hair and skin color. Waxing, plucking or electrolysis should be avoided for at least 6 week prior to Laser Hair Removal.

Laser Hair Removal Risks

Complications are rare when Laser Hair Removal is performed by the Certified Laser Technicians at Greystone Laser Spa. Any localized blistering can be treated with an antibiotic ointment until it heals. Scarring is unusual, but can occur in rare cases.

Laser Hair Removal can cause the treated skin to become lighter (hypopigmented) or darker (hyperpigmented) after the procedure. Patients with a darker complexion are more likely to experience a noticeable lightening of the skin. These conditions are almost always temporary.

Laser Hair Removal Recovery

Normal symptoms experienced after Laser Hair Removal include some redness, discomfort, stinging and minor swelling. Any pain should subside quickly and may feel similar to a mild sunburn. Cold packs or a topical cream may be used to reduce swelling and redness. Any minor crusting of the skin that occurs should fade after a few days, but please inform your laser technician at your next visit if this should happen.

Both men and women should take special care to keep the skin moisturized and protected from the sun after Laser Hair Removal. Avoid exposing the treated skin to the sun for several weeks and use sunscreen daily. Patients should avoid exercise for the first 24 hours to prevent perspiration from irritating the skin. Hydrocortisone cream may be applied to reduce any redness and/or discomfort.